We can offer any kind of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. These are some of the most requested procedures:
 Breast Augmentation
 Breast Lift
 Chin Reshaping
 Nose Job
 Eyelid Surgery
 Ultrasonic Cavitation
 Feminization Surgery
 Butt Implant
 Radio Frequency Therapy

IOCIM Award to the Best
Plastic Surgeon
in Venezuela

In 2009, Dr. Spence was paid tribute to by the IOCIM (International Organization for Medical Education and Research) as the best plastic surgeon of Venezuela. The mission of this organization includes to promote and disseminate clinical, scientific and technological study, training, research and advances allowing us to be at the forefront in the field of medicine.
Take a look at some of Dr. Spence’s appearances as guest on TV programs
Venezuela is a cradle of universal, international and continental beauty queens. As such, it relies on one of the best-known teams of plastic surgeons in the world. Now you can make you dream come true by choosing one of the new plans of plastic surgery we can offer you:
Top-quality surgeries in luxury clinics
Accommodation in 5-star hotels
Pre- and post-operation tour around important tourist attractions of Venezuela.

Innovative surgical technique revolutionizes aesthetic surgery
(July 2010)
Dr. Spence is a surgeon specialist in aesthetic surgery, trained in the Escuela Fluminense of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For further details regarding his professional qualifications, see his résumé.
His clinic is located in Caracas, Venezuela. You may contact Dr. Spence by clicking on contact.

Central Region Office
Centro Comercial Terras Plaza
Entre Av. Las Américas y Av. La República, Diagonal a E/S BP, Piso 4,
Consultorios C y D, Urb. Terrazas del Club Hípico, Caracas, Venezuela
Phones: (+58-212) 976.01.42 / 976.49.26
Eastern Region Office
Centro Empresarial Palm Beach
Prolongación Calle Arismendi, Piso 1, Local Nro. 10
Lechería, Edo. Anzoátegui, Venezuela
Phones: (+58-281) 416.95.49 / (+58-424) 865.93.68
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